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We have been involved in off road racing for most of our lives and raced Motorcycles, Buggies, Cars and Trucks . From class 16 and Stock full to Class 1 and Trophy Truck. We understand Racers! We know the challenges! 


Not every accessory is "custom" , we will truly do just that. If you have a need for a component that just cant be bought or no one wants to tackle, give us a call. Our in house  R&D has been doing awesome things for years and are challenged by the unusual. 


We pride ourselves in coming up with original ideas or refining existing products to better suit a specific need or issue , if you have an idea for us , call us up and we can help you make it a reality. "The gears are always turning" 

RED-E products is dedicated to improving, simplifying and inventing. Our team has been involved in many industries and is dedicated to bringing new ideas to life, improving on old ideas or simplifying an existing product through re-design to make it more efficient or less expensive.

High Speed Barrel Fueler
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