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Does the perfect interior light exist ? yes now it does, our light is ultra light ,will adjust to any position takes almost no electricity and is waterproof and chemical resistant. That’s pretty close ! the flexible mount will stay in position under almost any race condition and won’t move even over the roughest of conditions. There are two styles  Map style with a lower lumen shielded element perfect for notes and lower light needs and a Spot style ideal for a worklight that can be directed and hold its position.

Interior Lights

  • ⦁ Articulates 360 degrees
    ⦁ Dual element LED, shielded or spot
    ⦁ Waterproof
    ⦁ Easy one hole mounting
    ⦁ Can be shortened for your application

  • We offer $6.95 Flate Rate Domestic Shipping for up to (3) of these items. To save you money and to better serve you, for bulk orders or orders with multiple different items, please contact us at (760) 807-5687 to complete your order.  

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